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Dear [member_name_first],
We must learn to give aggressively. I know that at first you are afraid to. Get fear out of your heart. God is a good God. I have tried His ways now for over sixty years. If you give to Him, He will give back to you. His giving is so much greater than yours. He likes to grab something and just shake it, so He can put more in it. He likes to give you more and then run over the top. He likes to fill the saucer as well as the cup.
We will come to a time in history when your real estate will not be worth anything. God is going to burn this Earth one of these days, and your diamonds and gold will be valueless. The only thing that is going to leave Planet Earth is God’s people.
You should be more interested in God’s people than anything else. All of these other things are going to be consumed here. So be able to trade off anything you have for a blessing at any time. You will find that giving aggressively to God will open doors of blessing to you.
Give God a few little coins and a few little dollars, and you cannot get a lot out of Him. But if you will give to God generously, aggressively, you will find that there is a God up there Who likes that kind of giving. That is the kind of giver I want to be.
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