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The Harvest Show
: The Harvest Show is a live, daily program designed to engage viewers in a wide range of relevant issues and spiritual themes through interviews with influential people in the Christian arena, news segments, live reports from Jerusalem, music and topical books from authors of all walks of life. The program is hosted by Debra Maffett, Stefan Radelich, Kelly Morgan, and Chuck Freeby.

Live From Studio B: Live From Studio B is a live to tape 30 minute Christian music program. The show’s intimate venue places the artists in a personal setting to create an exceptional viewing experience. The program has been able to showcase may of the top Christian music artists as well as providing up and coming bands the chance to take the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

LeSEA in Action: The mission of LeSEA in Action is to creatively communicate and display the global outreaches of LeSEA Broadcasting, LeSEA Ministries and LeSEA Global Feed Hungry. Through in-depth exploration and analysis, LeSEA in Action presents the stories and testimonies of countless believers touched by LeSEA’s vision: to reach the untold billions yet untold. Through viewer and listener response, LeSEA in Action strives to motivate the viewer to contribute to the specific outreaches of the ministry.

WorldPulseFestival: Take thousands of Christian music fans, one hot summer day, and add them to millions of viewers worldwide via TV, radio and the Internet and you have one of the most unique settings in Christian music today, World Pulse Festival. The festival garnished its name in 1998 when it became possible to hear a two hour portion of the music from any where in the world through the resources of the LeSEA Broadcasting Network. Started as an appreciation concert for local listeners, the event’s admission has remained FREE through the years despite its growth in popularity.

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