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(It began) In 1968 when Dr. Sumrall purchased LeSEA's flagship station WHME-FM.  He dreamed of bringing the message of God's love and mercy to every nation through mass media.  Today, LeSEA is seeing that vision realized and is reaching out to the untold billions yet untold through satellite television.  Within the USA, LeSEA offers wholesome family and Christian programming on World Harvest TV (WHT) to DirecTV viewers on channel 367, through many local cable providers as well as all AT&T U-verse subscribers.  On an international scale, LeSEA's Middle East TV (METV) can be seen in every cable and satellite home in Israel as well as 15 other Middle Eastern countries.  That's a potential viewing audience of 70 million homes! Our Family Entertainment TV (FETV--formerly called Far East TV) is touching as many as 25 million people in India and a potential 4.3 billion people in Africa, Asia and Australia.  Both METV and FETV are uplinked to satellite from our state-of-the-art facilities in Limassol, Cyprus.

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