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The LeSEA Broadcasting Network is a multi-media network covering the globe with the mission of reaching the untold millions yet untold with the Good News.  Dr. Lester Sumrall founded LeSEA with the vision to "plow deep and wide" with the Gospel.  He had a few simple goals for the ministry that we continue to live by:

  1. Win a million souls to Jesus Christ every day
  2. Provide families a clean family alternative to secular media
  3. Be able to do this in a way that continues the ministry's growth

LeSEA broadcasting continues this legacy with its signal of hope through:

  • 12 television stations in the U.S.
  • DirecTV channel 367
  • five shortwave radio stations covering the globe
  • two satellite stations overseas covering Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia
  • cable and affiliate listings throughout the world
  • FM radio stations
  • a travel department specializing in tours to Israel
  • a product-based health system, Making Healthy Choices
  • an annual Christian concert, The World Pulse Festival
  • SkyAngel IPTV

LeSEA Broadcasting also produces programming such as the Harvest Show, Live from Studio B and the Dr. Lester Sumrall teaching series. We also manage a distribution campaign that is sending Bibles around the world.

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