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Prayer Partner
Location: South Bend, IN

LeSEA Prayerline is open and available to those in need of prayer 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Qualifications for part-time Prayer Team employee…

A Christian believing that Jesus Christ is his/her Lord and Savior

Knowledge of the Bible

Good attitude

Strong, pleasant voice

Good penmanship

Basic computer knowledge

Good hearing

Good hygiene

Able to cope and minister to others

Team Player

Willing to work overnights

Job Summary…

Prayerline employees are responsible for praying on the phones, giving hope and encouragement to those in need.  They also take calls from those wishing to donate to the ministry. The job requires the employee to input information into the computer.  An individual who can responsibly minister on the phone, using the Bible as their main tool, will enjoy this position.

Prayer Partners are part time positions, flexiblity in scheduling is a must, Prayerline is a 24/7 ministry.  Please join our team!

PLEASE e-mail your resume and cover letter to hr@lesea.com.

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