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LeSEA Tours began in 1950 when the Sumrall family lived in Israel.  Dr. Lester Sumrall fell in love with the Holy Land and its people.  His passion for the region soon led him to bring others and before long LeSEA Tours was born.  LeSEA began officially hosting tour group excursions to Israel in the mid-1960’s.  Since then, LeSEA Tours has taken over 10,000 travelers to the land of the Bible.  Dr. Sumrall personally made over 100 pilgrimages to Israel and each time he strove to make the trip a spiritual learning experience unique to each traveler, a tradition that continues today.  LeSEA Tours makes each opportunity for in-depth study and learning, as well as a time of nurturing individual spirituality.  The last 40 years have provided LeSEA Tours with the knowledge and relationships necessary to continue to escort tourists through the nation of Israel. We work closely with the ministry of Tourism, their ground personnel and guides to prepare a well-planned adventure with every detail kept in mind.  Each day is designed using the knowledge of the guides to create a fun and fulfilling day.

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