"On my way home by train, I stopped for gospel meetings in British Columbia, speaking in the towns of Terrace, Smithers, and Prince George. In each, I kept hearing about this lovely Louise Layman, that pretty, young missionary from Argentina - and the rich blessing that she had been wherever she went.

"I became even more curious to meet her. She sounded like quite an intrepid missionary. What kind of courage had brought a young woman up into Canada during the winter? Normally, only zealous male missionaries brought the Gospel here. "I wondered if I would ever get to meet her."

Lester would indeed have the opportunity to meet "Miss Luisa" at -- in the most appropriate of places -- a wedding ceremony in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their eyes met, they smiled at each other, and the rest... is history.

Lester Sumrall and Louise Layman were married on September 30, 1944. Taking the "unconventional" route to honeymooning, the newlyweds began a fifty-thousand-mile missionary tour and life together that spanned over forty-nine years. Throughout the course of their marriage they ministered and lived in various foreign locales and, as Lester Sumrall so often and proudly stated, "never had a quarrel." God, rewarding Lester's faithfulness, blessed he and Louise with three industrious sons (Frank, Stephen, and Peter) and eleven grandchildren, all of whom have witnessed the goodness that one man's life can bring.