"On December 18, 1931, the night of my second vision, far away in London, England, Howard Carter was praying. He was so moved by what he sensed God telling him that he wrote the words of the message down: 'I have found a companion for thee; I have called a worker to stand beside thee... He is called and chosen and shalt join thee. Behold he cometh; he cometh from afar. He cometh to help thee to carry thy burden and be a strength at thy side, and thou shalt find pleasure in his service and shalt delight in his fellowship.'"

Lester Sumrall was that companion. What ensued was a relationship not unlike that of Paul and Timothy's and a ministry that changed the course of the world. Together, the two men forged new territory in the arena of spiritual warfare as they cast out devils, won new converts, established churches, and instructed men and women of God from Australia to England. After growing in the grace and knowledge of God, and meeting pioneers of faith such as Smith Wigglesworth, World War II separated Lester from his friends in England. Fortunately, the war also served to unite him to a woman with whom he would spend the majority of his years.